Never sailed before? Have not sailed for a while and would like a refresher course? Have you recently purchased a sailboat that you are unfamiliar with? Landfall Sailing can help. Get started with our three hour, customized, on-the-water sailing instruction. Experience an introduction to seamanship and the bliss of a perfect day boating. This class can be tailored to your individual needs.


None- Beginner level course

Course includes:

  • Safety First" introduction to proper use of equipment, personal flotation devices (PFDs) and emergency procedures

  • Seamanship- the terminology of sailing, the responsibilities of the Skipper and Crew, describing and locating the wind, tying bowline, sheet bend, cleat hitch, rolling hitch, and stopper knots, reviewing local regulations and the basic Rules of the Road for boating

  • On-the-water instruction on how to deploy, trim and stow the sails

  • Learn to sail the points-of-sail & the triangular course

  • Docking and spring line review

  • Review customized to your needs

  • You can start right now by getting TWO FREE courses from NauticEd

Enrollment: $295 per person, $275 per person for groups of 3 to 5

1477 E. Hill Park Road Lewisville, Texas 75056 320-223-8382 Cell